friday finds: carmen herrera

A few days ago I watched a short Netlix documentary called "The 100 Years Show” featuring Cuban abstract artist, Carmen Herrera, who sold her first painting at the age of 89, even though she has been making art and in artistic circles since a young age. Whether her obscurity is due to the favour that is given to men in the art world, her immigrant status, or simply by chance, I think there is much to be said about her perseverance and dedication to her work. It was encouraging to see that Hererra, now 103, has a strong network of supporters who are making sure that she not only continues exhibit, but earns her rightful place in art history, not as simply a follower of the geometric abstract tradition, but a pioneer. Even further, her life and career act as a strong voice against ageism in the art world. Here are some of her works that resonated with me.

Gianna Scavo