creative month in review: august


Happy August, friends! I thought I would share a few snapshots from some creative adventures that I have embarked on this month!


masaj photography and styling

A few weeks ago I reached out to east-london based massage studio, masaj, to see if they were interested in a collaboration. We decided that i would re-shoot all of their own brand and curated projects to bring some new life to their product page. you can see some of the highlights here.

to the right is a mood board that I put together on the first day to guide my creative process as well as gather some colors and textures that inspired me, as well as a behind the scenes shot of the mess that occurs when i try to make a flat lay!



vases and vessels

while shooting some products, I thought i would take a break and compose a quick Shot that displays some of my go to props, in all of their beauty! After sharing this image, someone pointed out that it was similar to the still lifes of Georgio Morandi, an italian painter i WAS UNFAMILIAR WITH. IT GOT ME THINKING ABOUT HOW I COULD USE PAINTINGS AS A WAY TO INSPIRE MY WORK.

Giorgio Morandi ,   Still Life,   1946.

Giorgio Morandi, Still Life, 1946.

a first attempt at a hand-painted backdrop

I TYPICALLY USE CARD STOCK AS BACKDROPS FOR MY PRODUCT SHOOTS as it’s affordable and super light. however recently i have been wanting to incorporate more texture into my shoots, so i decided to attempt to paint my own backdrop! I usually use large square tiles as a way of incorporating a more realistic surfaces into the shots, but i simply couldn’t be asked to pop to the tile shop and i simply don’t have the space to store another heavy, large backdrop. Although pretty simple, i was really pleased with my first attempt and can’t wait to continue experimenting.


Gianna Scavo